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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQ’s. If your Q is still unanswered, feel free to contact us at

Do I need a seperate ticket for the rodeo? So, your show pass is also your ticket to the rodeo. You must wear your wrist band to access all of the bars.

What day is the rodeo? The rodeo is both days, from about 5pm. The program is released when nominations close.

I’m a competitor, do I need a wrist band? Yes, unless you are competing in the rodeo you must pay to enter the show. Even if you enter the grounds before show day.

When can I set my site up? No site set up until you have collected your site pack. You will have access to site from Sunday the 14th until 4pm Thursday the 18th. If there is extenuating circumstances you NEED to contact the show coordinator.

How many people attended the 2023 show? We had over 34000 people through the gates over show days.

It’s my first time attending, what site should I have? Call the show office and we are happy to chat about what is the best option for you 08 89721746

Can I bring my dog? Yes, but it MUST be contained and walked on a lead. This includes the days prior to the show. Dog poo left around the site is UNACCEPTABLE. Pick it up.

Can I camp on site? Yes, you are welcome to camp on site. You must have a 2 day pass and a car pass. We just can’t guarantee a hot shower. A swag or similar is encourage. If you are an exhibitor and want to camp on your site, IT IS NOT allowed to exceed your site space. If it invades a neighbouring site you will be asked to move, it’s annoying for everyone. There is camping space available with facilities, we encourage you to camp there. There is some areas such as the food court where trailers and large camping set ups will not fit and swag/ tent is your only option.

Can I leave early if I am a trader on Saturday? No, you must be trading until 6pm Saturday otherwise your forfeit your bond. You cannot drive on site until 10pm.

Do I get a show pass if I have a site? Yes, all sites receive two wrist bands. Please wear them on show days.

Can I smoke? We have designated smoking areas on site. Smoking anywhere else is prohibited.

How do I buy a ticket to the show? You can buy “Early Bird Special” tickets from our website* until 11.59AM 18th July. After this time you can purchase your ticket online or at the gate at the “Show Day” rate.

What time do the gates open? Gates will be open from 6am on both 19th & 20th of July. Businesses will be trading from 8am.

When are the fireworks? The fireworks will held at 7.30pm Saturday 20th July