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Site Holder Booklets & Further Info

To apply for a site, download our Site Holder Booklet at the bottom of this page. Please ensure you fill in all sections of the site application on pages 7-8 and initial pages 2-5, please ensure you send us the whole document not just the application form. Failure to fully complete the form and initial pages 2-5 will delay the application process.

OFFICE HOURS - Prior to Showday

  • Saturday - Closed
  • Sunday prior to the Show 10am-2pm
  • Mon to Thurs 9am-4pm

Key Dates for Sites

  • Applications close: 3rd of May. All invoices sent shortly after. If you apply after this date call the office to discuss.
  • Full Payment required by 14th of June 2024
  • Bump in Thursday the 18th of July 2024 .
  • Show Days: 19th & 20th of July 2024
  • Show Hours: Gates and pavilions unlocked at 6am, general patrons from 8am, trading indoor until 8pm then locked, outdoor until 10:30pm. Gates shut at 11:30pm.
  • Dismantling Sites - you cannot dismantle your site until after 6pm Saturday. We do check, if your site is dismantled you forfeit your bond. You can access your site via vehicle Saturday the 20th after 10pm.
  • Security commences Tuesday prior to show day (16th of July)
  • Office hours on show week are 9am - 2pm Sunday the 14th and 9am - 4pm Mon Thurs
  • Bond Refunds: When collecting your site pack you will be asked to do a bond refund form. ensure you have returned this form by 31/7/24. If you have remained actively trading after 6pm on Saturday the 20th, you will receive your bond back.

Active trading does not include leaving sites set up or signage at unattended sites. Active trading will only be considered if the site is manned.

Hours of Operation during the Show - Friday and Saturday

  • Indoor Sites: Unlocked at 6am. Trading from 8am until 8pm.
  • Outdoor Sites: Trading 8am until 10pm.

Packing up is not permitted prior to 6pm on Saturday.

Application Steps for Sites

  1. Please read the site booklet thoroughly before you complete the application form.
  2. Fill in all sections of the site application on pages 7-8 and initial pages 2-5. Failure to fully complete the form will delay your application.
  3. Choose an area where you would like to be located (or “same as last year”). Do not choose a specific site.
  4. Submit the application form and initialled pages with a valid insurance “Certificate of Currency” and if applicable Food registration along with $100.00 non-refundable admin fee (or full payment if applying after 30th of April) to secure your site. Applications can be sent via email (, post (PO Box 339 Katherine NT 0851) or delivered to office. If insurance falls due between submission of your application and the Show, you will be required to supply a new certificate when you renew your insurance.
  5. All items that are banned for sale are listed in the site holder booklet. New items will be emailed out throughout the year and will be listed on the site holder induction form that you are required to sign before your collect your site pack. It is your responsibility to ensure you are not selling banned goods. Failure to comply will result in trading being suspended.
  6. You will be emailed a tax invoice upon receipt of your application.
  7. By the 30th of April you will be emailed a tax invoice for full payment due by 15th of June. Full payments not received in time will mean the site may be resold.
  8. Site packs & passes can be collected from the KDSS office during “Office Hours”. Individual site information will not be given out prior to collection unless contractors are employed to set up sites.
  9. Sites can only be set up from Monday to Thursday prior to show dates. No set up will be allowed on Show Days.
  10. Show passes (wristbands) must be worn on Friday & Saturday. Car passes are to be displayed on the dashboard throughout the Show.
  11. Ensure your site is open & occupied for the times specified for Show Days (Friday & Saturday). You can only trade within your allocated site space, roaming around the grounds is NOT permitted. Sites must be open for the duration of the times specified and cannot be dismantled until the allocated times. Failure to comply with trading after 6pm on the Saturday will result in you forfeiting your bond. See details of the refundable bond on the application form.

Packing up your site:

Saturday 6pm-8pm, Sunday 8am-12pm & Monday 8am-4pm. Further access by appointment only.

Please ensure you adhere to all traffic management restrictions - Show Days Friday and Saturday. Gates open at 6am. Vehicle access is permitted between 6am and 7am. No vehicle may enter the grounds after 7am. All vehicles must be removed from the grounds by 8am. No exceptions to this rule. After this time the gates will be locked. On Saturday night vehicle access will be granted after 10pm ONLY to allow for the breakdown of site.

Katherine Show Rodeo Site Booklet