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Equestrian Classes


For any questions, concerns or complaints please contact the Ringmaster: Vicky Beasy


• All Equestrian events for the 2024 Katherine Show are pre-nomination ONLY, see below closure dates and information

• All Prize money will be paid via EFT after the conclusion of the Show


Dressage: Wednesday 3rd July 2024, entries via Nominate

Show Jumping: Tuesday 9th July 2024, entries via Nominate

Pony Club, Led, Rider, Hacking, Novelty Classes: Tuesday 9th July 2024, entries via KDSS Website

ASH: Tuesday 9th July 2024, entries via KDSS Website


Dressage and Show Jumping Classes through Nominate:

**Link to be updated soon**

All other Classes and Stable bookings - please use the KDSS nomination system.

Refer to the Equestrian Rules and the Overall Rules and Regulations of the Show.

Prize Money

Prize money for all events will be paid out via EFT after the Show. Please do not come to the Show office.

EA Measuring

A qualified EA Measurer be available on the grounds on Tuesday 16th July from 10am-2pm.

Horses to be presented unsaddled but in a bridle. There is a fee for this.

All EA registered horses must have their registration paperwork with them otherwise they will be measured as unregistered. The cost for non registered horses is $20 per horse. Cost for registered horses is $10 per horse, please try and bring the correct amount as changing big notes can sometimes be difficult.

The following standard rules will apply to all measuring days (a full copy of the EA Measuring rules is available from the web site)

  • Handler must be 16 yrs of age or over
  • Horse must be presented in a bridle with a bit
  • Horse must have all boots/bandage/rugs removed prior to measuring
  • Handler must be wearing appropriate, covered footwear (no thongs)

If the horse is shod, it will only be measured if it is either fully shod (all 4), or shod in both front feet. Horses with only hind shoes or with a front shoe missing will not be measured.