Battle of the Sexes

Posted 2017-05-08

Men vs Women in the Kitchen

It’s once again time for the age old fight; Men vs Women. Keeping our tradition within the kitchen going, we want to know once again who the better cook is! The 2016 trophy was taken out by the women once again, with Rowena Mccosker gaining the win.

This year will be our 15th anniversary for the ‘Battle of the Sexes’ and we can’t wait to see what the men come back with this year!   The winners from the “Sheila’s Cake” class and the “Bloke’s Cake” class battle it out to see who has the better cake, with the winner taking out the perpetual trophy. Judging is based on both presentation and taste, so not only does it have to look good but it must taste yummy too.

C’mon men, make this year yours!

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