Expert Cake Makers

Posted 2017-04-20

Get Ready for the Show!

Now that Easter is over and all the goodies have been eaten, it’s time to keep your hand in and make another fruit cake.

There is a “set recipe” boiled fruit cake class at the 2017 Katherine with a brand new recipe, a set recipe Sultana Loaf and a Dark Rich Fruit Cake that you can use any recipe for.  If you make the perfect cake it can be frozen and defrosted in time for the Show or if it isn’t quite perfect you still get to eat it and can make another one!

There is also the Orange Cake, Banana Cake and any Fruit or Vegetable Cake of your choice.  The best cake overall will win the Champion Award and have bragging rights for the rest of the year.

Get the kids involved too.  There are special junior classes for baking cakes, biscuits and other items as well as the decorating and colouring in competitions.

Executive Officer, Sue Sinclair confirmed that there will again be special prizes for the Ruth Nixon Memorial Sponge Cake and a pottery prize for the Ruth Murphy memorial Butter Cake.  Ms Sinclair said “a pottery piece made by Ruth Murphy is a very special prize to win”.

It’s all good fun and even the less than perfect attempts are usually good enough to eat!  The Show office will accept all donations of “practice” sweets.