Prepare to Plant Your Veggies

Posted 2017-03-08

Now is the time to prepare your garden for planting vegetables for the 2017 Katherine Show.

Firstly, decide whether you’re going to have an inbuilt vegetable patch or build a raised bed.  Keep in mind that your patch will need to be well drained, especially if you’re planting during the wet season.  While preparing your patch also get your portable container ready for the new class at the show, “Vegetable or Herb Garden in a Wheelbarrow”.  It doesn’t have to be a wheelbarrow; any portable container that you can wheel or carry will suffice, such as a polystyrene box for freighting frozen goods.  Just remember to put holes in the bottom or make sure that water won’t sit in it and drown your plants.

Ensure your soil bed is rich and ‘friable’ (a crumbly texture that promotes strong root growth), so that the young plants or seeds you plant get a good start.  Turn the soil regularly before planting and add rich organic matter like compost, manure or fertiliser.  Allow well-watered, cultivated soil to sit for a couple of days before planting as the more time you give your compost to break down, the better.

Follow the instructions for planting each type of vegetable and use the following chart as a planting guide to ensure your vegetables are ready for the show.  

Week Commencing

Vegetables to plant


Plant capsicums


Plant cauliflower, eggplant, rockmelon


Plant tomatoes & spinach


Prepare & plant Herb gardens (in wheelbarrow)


Plant broccoli, zucchini, beans, cherry tomatoes


Plant leafy Asian vegetables, cucumber, baby squash