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Steward: Melanie Spain

Judge: TBC

Special Awards

Supreme Champion Exhibit - John Dyer Memorial Trophy - Sponsored by the Dyer Family

Grand Champion Brahman Female - eMerge IT Solutions, $200 & Trophy

Senior Champion Brahman Female - Northern Machinery Sales, $150

Reserve Senior Champion Brahman Female - Top End Rural Services, $100 Voucher

Junior Champion Brahman Heifer - Katherine Country Club, $150

Reserve Junior Champion Brahman Heifer - Top End Rural Services, $100 Voucher

Grand Champion Brahman Bull - Northern Machinery Sales, $200 & Trophy

Senior Champion Brahman Bull - Northern Machinery Sales, $150

Reserve Senior Champion Brahman Bull - Nutrien $100 voucher

Junior Champion Brahman Bull - Katherine Country Club, $150

Reserve Junior Champion Brahman Bull- Nutrien $100 voucher

Adrian Creighton Memorial Trophy, Best Pen of Cattle - Top End Rural Services, $150 Voucher

Most Professional Cattle Groom - LJ Hooker Katherine, Ribbon

Stewards Award, Best Kept Pen - LJ Hooker Katherine, Ribbon


The following Rules apply in addition to the Overall Regulations of the Show.

  1. Entries must be the bonafide property of the entrant.
  2. All cattle must have NILS tags & be read into the cattle pens and read out on departure.
  3. All stock must have NT Waybills and this will be policed by DPIF inspectors.
  4. All stud cattle must be on the Showgrounds by 4pm Wednesday of Show week.
  5. The age of all stud cattle shall be the actual age as at 30th June of the current year.
  6. Judging will start at 10am on Thursday. Judging of cattle will be followed by the handler and junior judging.
  7. Winning exhibits in Led Classes must enter the Grand Parade on Friday.
  8. Cattle must remain on the Showgrounds until 2.30pm on Saturday.
  9. Exhibitors must make arrangements with the Regional Veterinary Officer regarding the health status and legal requirements for the movement of cattle.
  10. Bedding hay will be provided by KDSS. Cattle are stalled in pens.
  11. All Stud Class Bulls and Females must be registered pure bred.
  12. Any female with a calf at foot competing in a class, shall not be accompanied by the calf where the calf is competing in a class of its own, or where the calf is over six months old.
  13. All animals, male and female, over 12 months of age must be ringed or dogged when being led/handled on the Showgrounds. This rule will be enforced even if it means abandoning the class.
  14. The Stewards will note handling ability and may take out any unruly beasts.
  15. The Steward is responsible for the smooth flowing of the show and his decision is final.
  16. The Society may order a veterinary inspection as and when it deems necessary.
  17. Cattle (except ‘Not To Be Led’ Classes) that have won a prize are to be in the Grand Parade and need to have competent handlers. this is at the steward’s discretion.
  18. Handler Awards - The handler need not compete in any other class and may lead any breed. The judging classes are an opportunity for people to display their judging ability. Entrants do not need to bring anything. Winners of this event are eligible as NT Representative.
  19. Unled Cattle - These cattle will be penned and are not eligible to enter the led classes.
  20. Special Classes - Judged on the following: Total professionalism of groom/handler throughout the duration of the show; points awarded for positive attitude (e.g. helpfulness, politeness), interaction with the public and other competitors and officials, presentation of their animals and pens, correct attire etc. Open to all cattle attendants. No need to nominate, judged over the duration of the show.
  21. All cattle must be NLIS read prior to arrival at the Showgrounds and the files are to be emailed to