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Nominations open on Campdraft Central SUNDAY 25th June for 24hrs 6.30am.

For event queries please contact the team via their facebook page or email Kylie.

WRISTBANDS MUST BE WORN on Friday and Saturday to gain entry to the Showgrounds. They are also required if you wish to camp on the grounds during Show week. Present your entry pass at the office during Show week, prior to Friday to get your armband.

If you have not exchanged your entry pass for an wristband by Friday, you can do so at the gate. You MUST present your entry pass to get a wristband.

Passes to the Show are non refundable.

Stewards - Jim & Kylie Leonhardt


Mac Shann

Gail Shann

Challenge patterns will be on the Territory Cup Campdraft Facebook page in the near future.

Affiliated with ACA


  1. Nominations are limited.
  2. Judges decision is final.
  3. All competitors must be financial ACA members.
  4. Prizemonies paid as per ACA rules.
  5. All prices include GST.
  6. Riders under the age of 18 MUST wear helmets whilst mounted on a horse. Helmets must comply with current safety standards & must be securely fastened under the chin at all times.
  7. Children under the age of 17 must NOT ride a stallion on the grounds at anytime.
  8. Scratching’s: Refunds applicable to late scratching’s will be at the discretion of the Committee with each case to be treated on its merits. A 100% refund of the deposit shall be given if the competitor withdraws more than 7 days prior to 8am on first morning of the program. This fee can be retained if competitor doesn’t withdraw in the allotted time frame. If competitor withdraws within 72hrs prior to first morning of program, committees are entitled to keep the entire amount of the competitor’s nomination, unless when extenuating circumstances apply.
  9. Committee reserves the right to alter, amend or cancel any event or include other events should it be deemed advisable.
  10. Nomination fees must be received by Monday 8th July at close of business with KDSS Advantage Pass (these can be purchased on our website.)
  11. Any injuries must be reported to the Show Officer or Jim & Kylie Leonhardt - Stewards.
  12. Streptococcus equi (Strangles) infection is a common flu like disease of horses in Australia. During 1999 & 2000 there were cases detected in Darwin, Katherine, Alice Springs & outlying areas. It is all horse owners’ responsibility to ensure that Campdraft & show horses are vaccinated.
  13. Any person with a complaint regarding a rider’s eligibility is to make it in writing to Jim & Kylie Leonhardt - Stewards.
  14. It is at the discretion of the committee to refuse any competitor the chance to compete if it is thought that they may be under the influence of either drugs or alcohol. Any person suspected may be required to undertake a test. Competitors must return a 0.00 blood alcohol level. No refund to be given if under the influence.
  15. A competitor must notify Kylie Leonhardt of any change of horse or rider in the draw before the draft commences, otherwise horse & rider will be disqualified.