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Hack Classes

Coordinator: Mel Burleigh (Goss)

Judges: TBC

Prize Money/Voucher Value: 1st - $11, 2nd - $6, 3rd - $4

Special Award

Supreme Champion Hack - Sponsored by Saddleworld NT, Trophy, Rug & Ribbon.



All Equestrian Rules apply in addition to the following.

  1. These classes are run under EA rules and regulations,
  2. Stallions: Stallions are not permitted in Rider or Hack classes unless otherwise stated.
  3. District Classes: Refer to rule 28 of All Equestrian Rules.
  4. Novice Hack: Horse/pony must not have won a 1st place or broad sash in a Gymkhana or Show in its respective height class.
  5. Pleasure Hack: To be ridden in a snaffle bit and caverson noseband only. No whips or Spurs.
  6. EA Classes: Both horse, rider and owner must be registered with the EA and current financial members.