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Pony Club Ring Classes

Coordinator: Mel Burleigh (Goss)

Judges: TBA

Prize Money/Voucher Value: 1st - $11, 2nd - $6, 3rd - $4

Special Awards

Champion Pony Club Rider - Sponsored by TBC, ribbon & trophy

Champion Pony Club Hack - Sponsored by TBC, ribbon & trophy

Pony Club Rider & Pony Club Mount Classes

  1. Please fill in and submit the following Waiver to
  2. These classes will be judged under Pony Club Rules.
  3. Riders can be in Pony Club attire or English attire and are required to ride with no whips, spurs or drop nose bands.
  4. The judging will be based on the suitability of the rider and horse for pony club.
  5. People wishing to nominate for these classes must be a current financial member of a Pony Club and have their membership number included on their entry forms.