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Dog Jumping & Dog Novelties


Steward: Lauren Kingsley


Ribbons and cash prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd & 3rd in each category.

Champion Entertainer of the Show - Sponsored by Katherine Vet Care, $40 plus Ribbon.


Dog Novelty Event - FREE TO ENTER

No need to nominate!!

Special Prizes:

Fastest Dog - Katherine Vet Care, Ribbon

Best Dressed Dog - Katherine Vet Care, Ribbon

Most Entertaining Dog - Katherine Vet Care, Ribbon

  • When: Immediately after Pets judging has concluded
  • Where: LJ Hooker Arena, Katherine Showgrounds.
  • Who: Anyone can enter—just bring your dog and have some fun!

Only for those wanting to have fun! Bring your dog along to have fun on the Novelty Course.

All dogs must follow the obstacle course with their owner (or without them if they are really clever).

Dogs will be timed & must complete the course (owners don’t have to).


  1. The following rules apply in addition to the Regulations.
  2. The competition is a test of the dog’s jumping ability.
  3. The competition is open to all dogs of any breed and any sex.
  4. The dog is to jump over the wall & can touch any part of the jump to get over.
  5. All dogs not jumping must be on a lead, with a handler, in the marshalling area.
  6. Only ONE dog may be loose in the marshalling area at any time.
  7. The owner has the right to select the height, above the minimum height, at which the dog will commence competing.
  8. It is suggested that a second handler catch the dog on the other side of the jump.
  9. Each dog is allowed three attempts at the jump until only one dog remains.
  10. The dog can remain on the lead during the run and jumping. However the dog cannot be assisted by the handler by pushing or pulling the lead.
  11. The run up and landing area is to be flat, with hay used as the landing, or option of onto the back of a trayback vehicle.
  12. Any misuse or mishandling of the dog will incur immediate disqualification.
  13. The dog can be encouraged over the jump by a handler on the other side of the jump either vocally or visually (adds to entertainment).
  14. If more than one dog has jumped the final height, a count back on refusals will be done to find the final winner. If all are equal, first place will be decided by the judge of who they believe performed better.
  15. The Novice & Open Sections will be conducted concurrently. Dogs may only enter in one category.
  16. Winner of the novice is also eligible as Overall Champion of the Katherine Show Dog Jumping Championships.